The Edwin James Society

Merging Practice with Theory

                         Theory to Practice... Computer to Creekside

The Edwin James Society was founded in 2009. Our central theme & motto, Merging Practice with Theory, is woven into each of our programs. Ecologic research provides the foundation for our applied systems. The ultimate objective of The Edwin James Society is to develop and implement approaches that are of benefit to mankind & the ecosphere.

Our programs address basic research, biomonitoring, ecologic restoration, education, publishing and the emergent discipline of ecospheric medicine. Our comprehensive approach enables us to remain active in all relevant areas of ecology, while providing cutting-edge services of benefit to all.

Please consider partnering with the Edwin James Society to facilitate your research, monitoring, restoration, publishing and education objectives.

The Edwin James Society has developed a suite of unique quantitative approaches enabling evaluation of community dynamics and biodiversity relative to disturbance, bio-invasion and ecologic restoration.

We dedicated five years of research to understanding the relationships occurring between biodiversity, bio-invasion and community structure. That understanding facilitated development and application of a comprehensive ecometric; the Vegetative Complex Health Index. The VCHI simultaneously and objectively assesses these three key variables, with a high degree of fidelity..

The Edwin James Society applies an array of standard and innovative approaches for the monitoring of vegetative communities from riparian, coastal and island ecosystems. Our system is based upon the point-intercept method for evaluating percent covers of species and ecologically-relevant communities. We place a significant emphasis upon acquisition of quantitative data, and therefore conduct pilot studies for determination of necessary and sufficient sample/ subsample size, plot dimensions and sampling intensity. Our approach enables the acquisition of data appropriate for quantification of change concerning species of interest, community assemblages, bio-invasion and biodiversity.


The Edwin James Society has been active in publishing since our inception. Our activities involve the composition of solicited manuscripts, publishing of scientific journals and textbooks, and related activities. Please visit our Journal page to access our most recent research works.


The Edwin James Society offers a variety of educational programs and activities concerning all of our programs. We provide outreach services as it pertains to research, biomonitoring, restoration, publishing and eocspheric medicine programs. Some of our educational programs are in place and ready for presentation. We also cater specific programs according to the needs and requests of our clients. Please contact us to discuss your educational objectives and The Edwin James Society shall respond in kind!